The price of retinning copper cookware is $6.00 per inch. This measurement is obtained by measuring from the rim, down the side, across the bottom, and up the other side to the nearest half inch. Rectangles and ovals are measured lengthwise. Lids are measured straight across. Included in the retinning process are the following:

Tightening of loose handles.

Flattening of warped bottoms.

Removal of dents.

Cleaning and polishing when complete.

Note: Due to size and condition, tea kettles will be quoted by inspection only.

FYI: The hand wiped retinning process includes cleaning the piece thoroughly to remove any foreign material, making necessary repairs, applying the new tin cooking surface, then the final cleaning and polishing.

The actual tinning requires heating the piece to a temperature high enough to melt the tin, covering the entire cooking surface with tin, and wiping the excess tin away. This process leaves wiping marks from the removal of the excess tin. These marks in no way impede the seasoning of or the cooking in the pan. They do, however, indicate the hand wiped process and the fact that this process applies a thicker coating of tin than he electroplating method of retinnning.