Hello I'm Steve Bradway, owner and operator of Stephen D. Bradway - Coppersmith, LLC, Rio Grande, NJ, 08242. I grew up in the sheet metal business. My father and I made architectural metal products, copper cupolas, copper roof flashings, skylights, etc. My father, Edwin, was a tough act to follow, so I chose another direction.About 1975 I got interested in making copper cookware, as well as other copper pieces for the home. I was fortunate enough to meet Fred Haushouser, an old German metal smith, from Wilmington, DE. After two years of him saying: "Get away kid you bother me." he opened up and let me in. Fred taught me many of the techniques I use today.Currently my assistant, Betsy King (a top rate jeweler in her own right), and I are creating beautiful, utilitarian, copperware to last a lifetime.If you ever travel to extreme Southern New Jersey, about 6 miles north of Cape May, please stop into Edwin's Barn and browse our small gallery. We offer many different items for the kitchen, home and garden that accent our handcrafted copperware.